Racing Cuts

Using state-of-the-art laser cutting and your choice of accent colour, our Racing Cuts really do give you a unique piece of wall art. Favoured by many racing drivers and motorsport enthusiasts, these contemporary pieces look great on any wall and make a fantastic memento of tracks visited.

BW black matte - Monaco mockup smaller.j

Created from 1.25mm ultra-black mount board, we cut the track shape out and cleverly use the direction arrows and start/finish line to hold the centre of the track in place. We also cut the track name and country below to add a nice bit of detail. Combine all of this with one of 8 different accent colours showing through the gap and you have a simple but standout piece of art.

Choose from 15 of the top UK and international racing tracks with many more to come. Make sure you follow us on Instagram for updates on new tracks.

Once you've chosen your track, you can then select from one of eight accent colours (including copper and gold) which sits behind and brings the track to life.










UK Tracks