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About Us

Auto Design Prints was created out of a passion for all things automotive by myself in late 2016. Starting with an illustration of the iconic Citroen DS for my father, the next was the also iconic, albeit slightly less, Citroen CX Pallas for a friend. I then proceeded to plan a range of prints based on some of the most iconic cars ever made and booked in to exhibit at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2018. By this point, we were also looking at creating a range of semi-bespoke laser-cut track art, allowing people to have their choice of background colour behind their favourite tracks, and so our Racing Cuts range was born.


Since then we’ve developed and grown our lines, introduced new ranges of prints and collaborated with a wonderful but small leather goods company. We’ve also been featured in a number of publications, have seen our artwork in some great automotive venues and have maintained our presence at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.


There are some exciting plans in the pipeline and we’d love you to follow or join us on the journey ahead. We hope you love our products – they were passionately created with you in mind.


You may have seen us...

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